iOS 7/7.0.4 Untethered Jailbreak iPhone 5S,5c,5,4s

After you jailbreak your Device the process can be reverted back in case you change your mind or you do not like it.But we strongly suggest you perform a full back-up on icloud or in your Personal Computer just in case something wrong happens even though it is highly unlikely. That is one of the main advantages of evasion tool. Because this is an activity that modifies the inner file system of your own iDevice which is prudent to errors.
ios 7 jailbreak

iOS Jailbreaking is a method followed for the removal of limitations of cellular devices running the iOS platform. Which means that any Apple mobile device by which limitations are identified can be produced free of such disadvantages using software and hardware exploits. If the required skills and tools are available with the user, all forms of second generation Apple televisions and mobile devices like theiPad and iPhone, and iPod Touch can be jailbroken. jailbreak ios 7.0.4 untethered

Here we list for you personally the different types of iOS Jailbreaking methods that developers and users are aware of:

1. Tethered Jailbreak - If an Apple device starts its backup process on its own, i.e., without the user doing anything in particular, the patched kernel on the device will no longer be seen. This can result in the unit getting stuck in a condition where its features should not be accessed as it is only partially started, and neither can the product be turned off pursuing the standard method because it has hung up. If the user wishes to start the Apple device completely along with the presence of its patched kernel, iOS jailbreaking is essential. The unit must be jailbroken with the aid of a computer and you should utilize the ‘boot tethered’ tool each time the unit is turned on. The tethered jailbreak method does not work with Apple devices released ahead of the A4 set.

2. Untethered Jailbreak - If iOS running devices are switched off and then turned on immediately, the startup will be complete but the kernel will be patched. Apple’s own kernel will be loaded in the device for the first time it is switched on, however. If the user wants patching of kernels with each reboot of the device, he/she can do so without the help of computers. The process where Apple devices are jailbroken at the end of every reboot is known as untethered jailbreak.

3. Semi Tethered Jailbreak - All iOS devices which may have been through the whole process of tethered jailbreaking can be put through semi tethered jailbreak solutions. This means that when Apple products are booted and they do not have a patched kernel, they are not able to run modified codes for the user. Nevertheless this will not impact the normal functioning of the Apple device, meaning that all highlights of the unit may still be accessed by the user. However if the user is interested in using such features that first require running of modified codes, he/she must first make use of a jailbreaking tool and commence the device through the help of it. Only when it is jailbroken will the iOS device start its normal functions using a patched kernel.

4. The aforementioned three were the key varieties of iOS Jailbreaking methods. Let us take a look at various other minor processes of jailbreaking Apple devices:

5. iBoot Exploit - This tool provides both user level and iboot level accesses. This kind of patching is performed later on firmware updates.

6. Userland Exploit - This tool provides only user level access but no iboot level access. The patching is again carried out future firmware updates.

7. Bootrom Exploit - This iOS jailbreaking tool allows both iboot and user level accesses but fails to support future firmware updates. Instead, Apple updates the hardware in devices where patching has brought place because of jailbreaking.